Wattman World Winter Wonderland

Create a Winter Wonderland with your electric Wattman train

Winter is coming… In preparation for the jolly season, you can make a winter wonderland at your Wattman electric trackless train station.

First things first, train decorations. Santa Claus, elves, and of course Rudolph the red nose reindeer cannot be missed. Preparing a few (smaller or larger) Christmas trees and presents at your station will capture that holiday spirit. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to do something different!

Start with decorations for your train 

  1. Snow: Add snow decorations or a snow machine to create a winter vibe. As most Wattman electric trackless trains are already red, you may opt to buy some fake snow – just sprinkle it around the train station.
  2. Snowman: Whether you use paper, play dough, or real snow doesn’t matter. One thing is sure every Winter Wonderland needs a snowman.
  3. The next thing you need is music! Make sure that your passengers will enjoy listening to cheerful songs like Jingle Bells and White Christmas. Add some pop songs like “All I Want for Christmas” or to appeal to all ages. You could even host a Christmas Karaoke at your station for kids and parents.

Thematic activities can boost the Christmas vibe and the sales  

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Passengers are often happy to stick around and take another ride if you offer extra winter activities besides your train ride.

  1. Mitten-making: Cut out mitten shapes from red cardboard paper. Kids can decorate them using glitter glue, feathers, paper, etc.
  2. Wintertime Storytime: Read a short winter-themed story between the rides.
  3. If your location and permits allow this, set up a little hot chocolate stand next to your station to keep your passengers warm while waiting for the next train to depart.

All you need to do is to take your Wattman electric trackless train out for a ride. Enjoy the jolly season with your passengers!

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