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Deltrain trains are designed and handcrafted at a facility located in Portugal. 3 Different train models of Deltrain are available. These vehicles are trackless and equipped with an Electric or Diesel engine.

Deltrain is a Global Leader in the Touristic Train industry

For over 20 years, Deltrain has established itself as a leader in the Tourist Train market. Their three-train models boast unparalleled elegance and power for exceptional travel experiences that keep passengers returning. The quality craftsmanship of these superior trains makes them an obvious choice among professionals who want to provide their guests with premium rides.

Our team is dedicated to delivering premier customer service alongside technical support that exceeds expectations – helping you unlock excellence over time through unparalleled satisfaction!

Deltrain Delga Tourist train - WattmanUSA

Deltrain Tagus

The Tagus Tourist Road Train is designed for safety and ease of use, with all components adapted to the highest standards.

It has a modern, ergonomic design that blends perfectly into any environment. The train also offers a comfortable interior with plenty of space for guests.

With its advanced engine technology, the Train can reach speeds up to 22 mph while keeping emissions low and reliable operation. 

Deltrain Delga

Take an unforgettable journey aboard the Delga Tourist Road Train and experience modern travel at its finest.

Enjoy a comfortable interior, ergonomic design, and advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology that can take up to 15,5 mph with over 70 miles of range!

Travel in style while knowing your safety is taken care of thanks to all components being adapted to the highest standards.

Deltrain Vision

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and safety with a captivating ride aboard Vision Tourist Road Train.

With comfy interiors, ergonomic designs, and cutting-edge Lithium-Ion battery technology that allows for speeds up to 15,5 mph over 70 miles.

You can embark on an unforgettable ride full of peace, knowing that all components are tailored to maximum security!

Wattman Maxi Express

Looking for an Attraction Train?

Wattman has been the premier provider of Trackless Attraction Trains for over two decades, bringing smiles to customers around the globe with its innovative and eye-catching designs.

Based in Granby (QC), Canada, Wattman offers three unique Trackless Train variants that provide unparalleled fun and flexibility!

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