IAAPA Expo is where your business gets a boost.

On the first day of the IAAPA Expo Europe, everyone started buzzing with excitement. Most people arrived a few days early and enjoyed Barcelona and all the city has to offer. It’s a great location for the event, as it attracts visitors from all over Europe. 

The IAAPA Expo in Europe is one of the most important events for selling amusement park equipment and games, along with related products that are popular in the leisure industry. 

 The Wattman Trains team is more than ready to meet people from all over the globe in person, but for now, let’s focus on the Expo, because are many new opportunities for both exhibitors and visitors alike.

The IAAPA Expo is a yearly event where leading novelties for amusement parks,  and other leisure locations present their innovative attractions to the public. This year’s exhibition will certainly be one of the greatest. As always, several new products have been unveiled that will revolutionize our industry once again.

There are major benefits from attending these events – even if you do not buy anything at all. Visitors will see how innovative your company is through its demonstration of what it has to offer them! Most importantly, they will keep coming back for more because they feel important too when being treated so well by someone who cares about their needs and wants! 

As a first-time visitor or exhibitor, it can be difficult to find a way around this runaway train of fun – however, Wattman Trains has arrived with a plan. 


“There are so many people here! Many are looking forward to seeing our Wattman train on display”, says Bart Giele, Wattman World CEO, “If you own a park, IAAPA Expo is your opportunity to see what new experiences you can offer to your guests.”

As we stand here now in the IAAPA Expo, we can see the impact of a great organization, and we expect it to be one of the best events in Wattman Trains history.

We have just started, but we are so happy to see a lot of people enjoying our booth, and putting smiles on all their faces. We hope to make the IAAPA expo an enrichment in everyone’s plans for the next season! 

The IAAPA EXPO Europe is a great place to network. We have already spotted some interesting new contacts that we hope will be future partners or customers! It’s also nice just being here in Barcelona, which has beautiful architecture that really inspires us every day of our stay.

This was an exciting first day at the IAAPA Expo. Still, two more days to go and we would like to invite you to visit us at booth 1-434.

You can contact us here with any questions you have, or rather drop by and be moved!