Wattman trackless trains

Train Rentals: 5 ways to boost your business with Wattman

Train rentals have increased in popularity recently, as people were looking for ways to organize parties and small events. Investing in a trackless Wattman train and adding it to your offer as rental trains is an opportunity to increase your profit and attract more customers to your party rental business. 

In this post, we will explore five ways to boost your b2c or b2b business with rentable Wattman trains

  1. Wattman rental trains are very popular with businesses and organizations, as they can operate in many locations from theme parks to malls. This allows you to serve your b2b customers to provide their visitors with a brand new experience on holidays and special occasions such as team building activities for co-workers. 
  2. Individuals like to rent Wattman trains because it’s an amazing showstopper. It is a fun and relaxing activity, especially if your company offers train rentals with some extra decorations for events such as birthday parties, family gatherings. 
  3. Our electric Wattman trackless trains are safe and eco-friendly which is very important in today’s world where people put great emphasis on the environment and sustainability. The fact that our trains don’t require any fuel makes them even more popular among those who care about our planet
  4. Because of the various uses that companies could find for these trains (mentioned above) we offer special deals when you purchase more than one train at once. This way you will even save money while giving your business a huge boost, plus it allows you to serve larger groups of people or two customers at the same time. 
  5. The optional (yet highly recommended) customizations we offer are a great way to increase revenue and the advertising panels make your train a way to promote your brand, and even make a profit from promoting other local brands. You can customize your train with your brand colors or the colors you think your customers might be interested in mostly. 
In the video below you can see our customer: Broekies Verhuur, it’s a successful party equipment rental service that has 2 rentable Wattman Trains operating in the Netherlands

We would love to share our expertise with you and support you to anticipate your customers’ needs 

Are you looking to start a new business, or are you currently running one? If so, investing in an electric Wattman train can be a great next step for your company. 

Offering our trains for rent will help to boost your b2b + b2c business. Learn more about what it takes to start your own train rental with a Wattman train.

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