Wattman & Deltrain

For over 15 years, Wattman USA and Wattman World have been renowned for their exceptional quality and service in the field of amusement and tourist trains.

Under the leadership of our CEO Bart Giele, our companies have expanded our services and we now offer more than just Wattman trains. In addition to Wattman trains, our product lineup also includes Deltrain trains. This allows us to meet almost any mobility need and provide our customers with a complete range of options.


For over 20 years, Wattman has been the leading provider of Trackless Attraction Trains, delighting customers worldwide with their innovative and eye-catching designs. Based in Granby (QC), Canada, Wattman offers unique variants of Trackless Trains that provide unmatched fun and flexibility.

Wattman Maxi Express


Deltrain, on the other hand, has been a top player in the Tourist Train market for over 20 years. Their three-train models are known for their elegance and power, offering exceptional travel experiences that keep passengers coming back for more. These premium trains are the preferred choice among professionals looking to provide their guests with first-class rides.