Wattman World Icon Park Pearl Express Train

Wattman Trackless trains in the heart of ICON Park, Orlando

Former science teacher Bob Oglesby and his wife Karen have been running their own trackless train operation. They own two trackless trains that transport visitors around ICON Park in Orlando, Florida. People lovingly call the founder of Pearl Express Trains, Bob the train guy! Recently News 13, a local tv channel dedicated an item to Oglesby’s services as he added a miniature mining experience besides his train station. Bob says their trackless train operation is a perfect fit with ICON Park. “ICON is a good place to go hang out for half a day, or on a rainy day, where you want things to do indoors. You can easily spend six to ten hours here, so it’s a great introduction to Orlando.” 

The Pearl Express Trackless Trains, the most fun way to tour around ICON Park

Wattman Trackless trainsWe would describe ICON Park Orlando as a land of food and fun. With more than 40 dining options to choose from and many thrilling rides to enjoy. ICON Park features fun attractions including Madame Tussauds. SEA LIFE Aquarium (with Florida’s only underwater tunnel). SKELETONS Museum of Osteology, and an observation wheel that will take your breath away at 400 feet tall.

From food and fun to water shows, and live  entertainment in the main courtyard. There’s plenty worth checking outOne of the things to definitely add to your to-do list (and not just) for the little ones is a ride on one of the Pearl Express Trains.  

Pearl Express chooses safety, reliability and user-friendliness

Pearl Express’s eye-catching trains are taking Orlando back to the future with their trackless, electric replicas of 18th-century railroad cars.  The design of Wattman Trains was chosen by founder Oglesby for three reasons: safety, reliability, and user-friendliness. Wattman World takes great pride in partnering with motivated entrepreneurs like Bob who want to excel at providing an authentic experience using our trains.  

“Wattman Trains has been in business for many years now,” Oglesby says explaining his choice for Wattman to start his Pearl Express Train operation. “They have all the engineering down, with a lot of built-in safety features.” These include an anti-collision system and hidden locks on all of the train doors, preventing children from being able to hop out during a ride”  

“When kids see it, they want to ride it,” he said. “Others just like to stand in front of it and take pictures of themselves with the train.” - Image Bob and Karen Oglesby and their Wattman train

Pearl Express’s trackless trains are a big hit with park visitors

The Pearl Express Train Tour is a fun-filled, memorable experience for the whole family. What better way to tour around Icon Park than on a trackless train? Departing in front of The Wheelhouse and catering to all ages with its realistic experience; it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on! 

Oglesby especially likes that Wattman’s trains are lower to the ground than many novelty train models. Which makes them easily accessible to younger passengers. That’s perfect for Pearl Express Trains, “They’re really designed for kids to be able to interact with the attraction in a very natural way,”

At Wattman World we love to see how our partners are expanding their businesses and growing their revenue with our products.  It takes passion and dedication to transfer knowledge and history in a fun and engaging way for all ages to enjoy, and that’s exactly what Bob and Karen are doing. Do you want to know what it takes to own a trackless train? Check our article on 7 questions to ask when buying a train here