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Wattman World: It’s time to be moved by the possibilities

We know how challenging it can be to start a new company, but we also know how amazing it feels to make it work and become an independent entrepreneur.

Wattman trackless trains are the way to go for any aspiring entrepreneur who is passionate about entertaining their community. Starting your own train operation isn’t easy, but it can become a profitable business, or add a new revenue stream to an existing business with the right means and support. 

With our Wattman Trains, any leisure/tourist location can increase traffic – sometimes it’s just for a chance to see one of our beautiful trains up close.

We want every customer to be satisfied with what they buy, which is why all our trackless train models are assembled by hand from start to finish at our factory located in Granby, Canada, where meticulous care goes into each train before it leaves the building.

All Wattman trains are certified and comply with almost all regulations worldwide. This means that when you buy a Wattman train, not only will it be safe in any environment—fairground or amusement park included—but we also take away the hassle of meeting the safety standards in the country where you’ll operate. 

What could Wattman trains offer you?

We are proud of our trackless trains. For us, customer satisfaction is at its peak when they can enjoy their train without worrying about safety.

Our reliable trains have a proven track record, and with our after-sales support system, our trains will never disappoint you. Our environmentally friendly trains are currently operating in 60+ countries around the globe and put smiles on 25 million faces each year!

We have a variety of trains sets to choose from, all without the limitations of being confined by tracks. This means they can be used both indoors and out!

Mini Express

Tons of people visit malls every day, which means they are packed with potential passengers! From the Irving Mall in Texas, with Li’l Grande Trains to the Mecca and the Taj Mall in Jordan, Many malls worldwide have added a successful train operation to entertain their visitors. 

Wattman Mini-Express

Our Mini Express Train has been around for more than 20 years and continues to be a favorite among professionals as they deem this train the best on the market today. We can customize this classic train into a 3-wagon configuration if necessary, depending on the venue size. 

Maxi Express

The Wattman Maxi Express Train is fun for everyone. It’s a larger version of its smaller, slightly more popular sibling: The Mini Express train! However, the demand for these bigger wagons is increasing exponentially since they were first introduced to offer rides and accommodate all types of riders – from toddlers to adults.

Wattman Maxi Express

From mall trips to zoo escapades in search of exotic animals. It’s the ultimate ride for all of your shopping center, amusement park, or family entertainment needs. 

Grand Express

Our latest addition will whisk you away from everyday life into a land of adventure. The new Wattman Grand Express is a much larger and more powerful trackless train than Wattman has ever built. Firstly, this train is all about efficiency. Secondly, the construction and materials ensure that this trackless train can handle changing weather conditions with ease.

The Wattman Grand Express is an environmentally friendly and zero-emissions train that’s perfect for operations like; Hotel resorts, Camping sites, Tourist destinations, Shuttle services, Amusement parks, Zoos, and many other types of activities.

Start your own company now with Wattman train

Owning a sustainable trackless train is one of the best decisions you can make when deciding how to take your business onto greener territory. Let our team know what kind of support you’re looking for, and they’ll set things up so everything runs smoothly and efficiently at every turn.

Contact our sales team now, and we’ll help guide you all the way from the beginning of the route to the final stop when you can set up shop and start running your business.