Wattman Maxi Express

Welcome back aboard!

It feels like a new beginning, now that many in our industry are reopening or getting ready to provide customers with new activities, everyone is looking forward to. As industry leaders, we all have been working on ways to recover from last year and come back stronger.

It has been a difficult time for both the retail and the amusement park industry, with decreased attendance and revenue. Most consumers are eager to get out of the house and away from their screens, despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial constraints for many. This requires us to come up with new and creative ways of meeting their needs while still providing them with improved services.

To reclaim success, post-pandemic and beyond, family amusement/entertainment providers should focus on the next level of memorable customer experiences.

Let me share three actions we can take to make it work
  1. Rather than focusing solely on retail offers, or rides, or video games we need to explore mixing various offerings. Customer retention often depends on the capabilities of a location to satisfy a wide range of (entertainment) needs that we can tap into.
  2. By learning to get a deeper understanding of consumer behavior we can improve consumer engagement by providing customized and more authentic experiences. About 45% of FEC users have said that they are willing to pay for a specific experience because it wasn’t available elsewhere.
  3. Anticipating where consumers want a variation to what we offer rather than something completely new, we can meet their needs with small adjustments or innovations. Boosting innovation through partnerships can provide innovative solutions to attract your audience. At Wattman we think the key to new opportunities is to reimagine memorable quality time experiences.
Do you want to boost your business by attracting new customers?