Kids love trackless trains

Why kids love mall trains

Trackless Trains can be small or large; classic or futuristic, but the one thing they all have in common is that kids love them! So why do kids love mall trains? 

Taking kids with you when shopping at the mall can be a fun experience, but at times it can be a hassle. Kids can get bored easily, or they are tired of walking around, which makes total sense. Wattman came to the rescue! Our trains are the way to make all kids excited to go to the mall where the rides will keep them entertained.

It’s nothing new that the mall is a hub for family entertainment, but in an increasing number of countries around the world, this is becoming the standard. From game centers to carousels and Ferris Wheels to trackless trains, attractions are increasingly popular in the retail industry.  

All kids love mall trains. They are colorful, the size that adds to the experience for kids, plus it’s an interesting way to learn about railroad history as our trains resemble a steam engine train with sound and steam effects to make it an even more realistic and exciting experience.

Mall trains are often linked to themes that kids can relate to such as animals, or fairytales, and the holidays of course. For example, the zoo trains that we sell that are completely customized to fit their environment. Furthermore, it’s a great way to take the family out of the house for some fun.

Mall owners know that they will attract business and people who want an interesting experience go to their local mall during holiday times for a spooky or a Christmas-themed ride. Once anyone sees our brightly colored trains in action they understand why children love them so much!

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your day more exciting than typical shopping trips try checking out some cool kid-friendly Rides/Attractions in advance before going downtown (or otherwise). 

Trackless trains are great because they’re fun for kids of all ages. The next time you head to the mall with your children, let them enjoy riding around on these ride-along trains! 

Wattman Mini-Express

Kids love mall trains, and so will you! You can find Wattman trains in many malls worldwide, these are 3 of them.  

@Meccamall in Jordan 

@Stadshart in Amstelveen in the Netherlands  

@Irvingmall in Irving, Texas